Large Character Coding and Marking

The Reference in its class

As sturdy as it gets

Large Character Inkjet Printer (DOD)

The modular designed Large Character DOD coding and marking systems for texts, dates or logos are available in printing heights up to 140 mm for each print head. For larger printings several print heads can be combined.

The resolution meets the requirements of virtually all industrial applications for marking and coding. These large character systems, with 7-, 16- or 32-nozzles print heads are easy to use, robust and due to the modular construction of the system components, highly flexible. 


The new generation of Large Character Inkjet Systems

The silver print heads - determined to further improve our legendary sturdy REA JET DOD large character print head, we took into consideration two common customer requirements:

  • Desire to duplicate production speed potential to more than 600 m/min
  • Multiplication of print durability by lowering wear and tear

REA JET DOD 2.0 - Print Heads

  • High Performance DOD print heads
  • Speed potential more than 600 m/min
  • New materials for multiple durability


REA JET DOD 2.0 - Controller Unit

  • Based on REA TITAN Platform operating concept
  • Full Unicode- and TTF-Support
  • Push-turn button operation


REA JET DOD 2.0 - Ink Supply Units

  • Highest chemical resistance and mixing performance
  • Avoidance of sedimentation
  • Automatic or manual operation



Well proven REA JET Large Character Inkjet Systems

The blue print heads - legendary REA JET DOD technology which has proven its sturdiness and reliabiltiy for many decades in all type of industries around the globe. Resistant against rough environmental conditions such as dirt, vibrations and temerature fluctuations.

REA JET DOD - Print Heads

  • Performance DOD print heads
  • Speed potential up to 300m/min
  • Well proven print head technology


REA JET DOD - Input Terminal

  • Industry proven and reliable operating concept
  • Assignment of settings, texts and logos
  • Keypad and control function button operation


REA JET DOD - Ink Supply Units

  • For pigmented and non-pigmented inks
  • Capacity range from 2 to 5 liters
  • Comprehensive accessories