High Resolution Inkjet Printer - Piezo

The high resolution large character ink jet printer for coding and marking on porous surfaces with a variable print height from 2 to 100 mm (4 inches).

Texts, barcodes and graphics, such as company logos or product images, can be printed in a vertical resolution of up to 256 pixels onto the packaging, effectively reducing costs as this solution provides for a flexible alternative to labels and pre-printed cardboard packaging.

Up to 42 text lines may simultaneously be printed with a single print head for the SKGK 768 and 21 lines for the SKGK 384 print head. Different barcode types and images may be freely combined. The solvent-free inks are particularly suitable for porous surface types and can even be used in the pharmaceutical and food industries where environmental concerns are a consideration.

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Product Details

  • Print head: GK 768/256, 2 to 100 mm print height
  • Print head: GK 384/128, 2 to 50 mm print height
  • Print head: LK 192/32, 2 to 25 mm print height
  • Print head: LK 352/32, 2 to 48 mm print height
  • Low consumable costs for solvent free REA JET inks
  • Very high print quality, sharp-edged with high contrast
  • Serialization and track and trace applications
  • Porous and absorbant surfaces: paper, paperboards, wood, textiles, non-woven fabric, building materials etc.
  • Flexible alternative to labels and pre-printed paperboards