The All-In Sealer is a band sealer for packaging a wide variety of products in large quantities. The products are packaged in ready-to-use bags and then sealed. The sealer can be used for sealing ready-made bags made of polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), thin PVC and various laminates with thicknesses of between 20μm and 150μm.

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Overview of the Sealer

  • Protective cover
  • Control panel
  • Infeed guide with locking screw for adjustment
  • Conveyor belt
  • Height adjustment conveyor belt
  • Setting the distance of the conveyor belt with respect to the sealing unit

The sealer is a table top model with a conveyor belt attached to the housing. The housing comprises the electrical and drive components; the operating panel is mounted in the top of the housing.

The conveyor belt transports the bags that are to be sealed past the heating blocks, the cooling plates and the after-press rollers that are located inside the housing.

The vertical distance between the conveyor belt and the housing can be adjusted so that bags of various different heights can be sealed. The horizontal position of the conveyor belt with respect to the sealing unit can be adjusted to position the bags as centrally as possible on the conveyor belt.